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Robert Louis Stevenson is 100 best loved poems pdf of the most loved classic children’s poets, and his work is a perfect introduction to poetry for young children since the topics are so relatable even now after over 100 years after writing. A Child’s Garden of Verses’ collection of poems was one of my own favourites as a child. You can download printable copies of some of these poems at the end of the post, since these poems are now in the public domain, and I will recommend a couple of books too.

For our introduction to Robert Louis Stevenson, the kids and I read some of the poems together and discussed how they understood the poems. We looked at similarities between each of the poems, and features we could notice about Robert Louis Stevenson’s style. They were quick to notice the prominent rhyming pattern that each of the poems has, and how this gives rhythm to the poem. Try thinking up other rhyming words to replace some of the words in the poem, so that it still rhymes but with new words. If they don’t make sense it’s okay, you can make up silly poems to explore the rhyme. Talk about the type of language used. Can you find descriptive words that you really like?

This book contains some of the Robert Louis Stevenson poems along with other classic poems. You can compare and contrast the poems from different authors, and my children enjoyed the colouring and appealing illustrations. Teach 2nd Grade I’ve joined together with some other bloggers with children of a similar age, to share educational activities on the same topics each week. Here are more poetry ideas from the other participating bloggers to try out with children in this age or stage.

Here are some of the poems that we used in our discussions. If you have other favourite Robert Louis Stevenson poems, share their titles in the comments! And here is the green for stringing the daisies! Each a glimpse and gone forever! I have to go to bed by day. Still going past me in the street.

To have to go to bed by day? Up in the air so blue? Up in the air and down! Are you Stuck in the Technology Trap, or Digital Detoxers? I have my original books that I’ve kept for many years and do enjoy reading them to the kids.

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