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12mhz crystal oscillator pdf Ham Radio PDFs All works are copyright of their respective owners. 146 and 445 MHz J-Pole Antenna. 6 6m From Your Easy Chair.

7 7 dB For 7 Bucks. 9 900 MHz Band – Whats in Store for Amateurs. 902 MHz – UHFs Final Frontier. 902 to 144 MHz Receive Converter. A A Beginners Course in Assembly Language. ATV Transmitter from a Microwave Oven. Add Remote Cotntrol to Your ICOM Transceiver.

Alternative Options for Resolving HSMM Interference Issues. Amateur Radio Networks and the Internet. An Introduction To The Bilateral Transverter. An Introduction to Surface Mount Devices. Balun Designs for Wireless – Mixers, Amplifiers and Antennas.

Broadband Wireless Internet Access and Amateur Radio. Build A Brain Wave Feedback Monitor. Build This Solid-State PA for 440 MHz. Build a 2m Intermod Notch Trap. Building a Beacon for 2401 MHz. C CATV Leakage-A Two Way Street. Calibration and Repair for Bird Wattmeter Elements.

Can HSMM Find a Real Home in Ham Radio. Chat on the Air with LinPSK. Cheap and Easy High-Speed Data Connection. Choosing the Right Diode for your AGC Detector.

Circuit Design on Your Linux Box Using gEDA. Circularly Polarized 60 GHz Microstrip Antenna. Clean Up Your Signals With Band-Pass Filters. Components for 10-GHz and Up Transceivers.

Converting Radar Detectors to 10-GHz Rigs. Copper Loops For 222 and 440MHz. D-STAR Digital Voice versus Analog FM Sensitivity. DDRR – Directional Discontinuity Ring Radiator. Design of a Dual Patch Triangular Microstrip Antenna. Digital Modulation from ASK to OQPSK.

Digital Video Coming to the 440-MHz Band. Digital Voice and Data Modes The Way Forward. E EARC End Fed HF Antenna. Elecraft – KX1 Owners Manual Rev E. Elecraft – KXAT1 Manual Rev A.

Elevator A Simple 220-MHz FM Transverter. Entertainment And Interference-The Two Faces Of CATV. Ethics and Operating Procedures for the Radio Amateur. Explore 220 With This State-Of-The-Art Transverter. Explore USB with this USB to CI-V Interface.