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You can prepare from our Microsoft 70-346 exam questions notes and 70 686 pdf download exam with this practice test. You can prepare from these 70-346 exam questions or get help from 70-346 dumps for better preparation.

A company plans to deploy an Office 365 tenant. You need to configure name resolution for FS1 and FS2. Each user must be able to view the availability of the other user. You are the Office 365 administrator for your company. You have a workstation that runs Windows 8. You need to install the prerequisite components so that you can view mail protection reports on the workstation.

Which two items must you install? Each correct answer presents part of the solution. Your company has an Office 365 subscription. The network contains an Active Directory domain. You configure single sign-on for all users. You need to verify that single sign-on functions for the users who access Office 365 from the Internet. Office 365 for email services and Lync Online.

Contoso has four unique domain names. You need to migrate domain names to Office 365. Which two domain names should you exclude from the migration? An organization deploys an Office 365 tenant. User accounts must be synchronized to Office 365 by using the Windows Azure Active Directory Sync tool. You need to ensure that the user accounts will be synchronized. Which user accounts will be synchronized?

You must use a computer that runs Windows 8 to perform the management tasks. You need to ensure that the Windows 8 computer has the necessary software installed. Employees have access to all Office 365 services. A company migrates to Office 365.