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K50 K14A D J U S TA B L E O R F I X E D S E T T All units of pressure pdf N G T H E R M O S TAT SAPPLICATIONSK50 cycling thermostat withSPST close-on-rise switch. DISCLAIMERThis manual and its contents remain the sole property of Invensys, and shall not be reproducedor distributed without authorization. The RK30 checks the oil level by means of a built-in optoelectronic sensor.

It also has a solenoidvalve for automatic oil recirculation. GENERAL The L66 family of temprature sensors is specifically designed for use in domestic rfrig驩ration appliances. 5 Cable Insulating material: Outer cover: Inner sleeves: Conductors: Flexing: Length: PVC minimum thickness 0,6 mm minimum diameter 1. 2 mm 7 x 0 0. DISCLAIMER This manual and its contents remain the sole property of Invensys, and shall not be reproduced or distributed without authorization. SOLENOID COILS franco te RANCO offers Type LDK and LDL solenold colis for use wltft the enre range of RANCO Heat Pump Reversing Valves.

4-Way Reversing Valves Brochure CT122698 rel. Here the first 5 pages from the catalogue “4-Way Reversing Valves Brochure CT122698 rel. Application and Principle of Opration The 4-way Reversing Valve is the key component to provide Heating and Cooling from the System to the air conditioned space by reversing the flow direction of rfrig驩rant. P30 P30 Applications The P30 oil differential pressure Switch is for use with ail rfrigration with compressors using externat oil pumps with r驩frigrants. Ol 7 adjustable dual pressure controls IRANCO TT Applications Ε 017 instruments are dual mechanical pressure switchesfor high and low pressure, and are equipped with a unipolar SPDT switch that closes and opens as the pressure increases or decreases. O Pressure Controls Sales: Invensys Climate Controls S.

Timer may be wired to run continuously, both items being interconnected by a series of levers. THERMOSTATIC GAS VALVE V85 DESCRIPTION This compact valve Is designed to be assembled in absorption refrigerator that can be supplied by gas or AC voltage or OC voltage. E5 ES Electronic Thermostat Family 3 Ranco solution to your needs of an intelligent flexible product in a compact size The intelligence of a micro, although great care has been exerclsed in the prparation of this document Invensys. 2 1 For technical queries: Drayton Controls Ltd 401, natural and liquid petroleum gases.

Via dell’Artigianato, 65 32010 Pieve d’Alpago Belluno – Italy Ph. O” SERIES SINGLE AND DUAL PRESSURE CONTROLS Single Pressure Controls are classified Into two basic types: high or low pressure. All O16 and O52 controls incorporate SPDT switches. J11 Humidity Controls invensys Sales: Invensys Climate Controls S.