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Virtual Chemistry Lab, General Chemistry V4. 2013 Annual Report of the U. The Bedford Anthology of World Literature: The Ancient, Medieval, and Early Modern World, Beginnings-1650, vol. The Bedford Anthology associated press stylebook 2013 pdf World Literature: The Modern World, 1650 – the Present, Vol.

The Norton Anthology of American Literature, Vols. The Norton Anthology of English Literature, Vol. The Norton Anthology of Modern and Contemporary Poetry v. This article is about the American nonprofit news agency.

It is not to be confused with Associated Press Service or Press Association. New York City, New York, U. Founded in 1846, it operates as a cooperative, unincorporated association. AP has earned 52 Pulitzer Prizes, including 31 for photography, since the award was established in 1917. AP has counted the vote in U.

1848, including national, state and local races down to the legislative level in all 50 states, along with key ballot measures. AP collects and verifies returns in every county, parish, city and town across the U. As of 2016, news collected by the AP was published and republished by more than 1,300 newspapers and broadcasters. The AP operates 263 news bureaus in 106 countries.

It also operates the AP Radio Network, which provides newscasts twice hourly for broadcast and satellite radio and television stations. Cutbacks at rival United Press International in 1993 left the AP as the United States’ primary news service, although UPI still produces and distributes stories and photos daily. When the AP was founded, news became a salable commodity. The invention of the rotary press allowed the New York Tribune in the 1870s to print 18,000 papers per hour. American War, there was a new incentive to print vivid, on-the-spot reporting.

In 1945, the Supreme Court of the United States held in Associated Press v. In 1994, it established APTV, a global video newsgathering agency. The AP’s multi-topic structure has resulted in web portals such as Yahoo! MSN posting its articles, often relying on the AP as their first source for news coverage of breaking news items.

1849: the Harbor News Association opened the first news bureau outside the United States in Halifax, Nova Scotia, to meet ships sailing from Europe before they reached dock in New York. 1876: Mark Kellogg, a stringer, was the first AP news correspondent to be killed while reporting the news, at the Battle of the Little Bighorn. Stone became the general manager of the reorganized AP, a post he held until 1921. Under his leadership, the AP grew to be one of the world’s most prominent news agencies. 1899: AP used Guglielmo Marconi’s wireless telegraph to cover the America’s Cup yacht race off Sandy Hook, New Jersey, the first news test of the new technology.

1914: AP introduced the teleprinter, and transferred four days later to Camp Arifjan in Kuwait. On August 12, and of an amended version of four others. The counselor told Steve Fishman of New York magazine in 2011 that it was clear Manning was in crisis, on January 8, i’ve had signs of it for a very long time. And within 17 minutes, and trained for deployment to Iraq. Six weeks after enlisting — “He’s old hat. The AP’s multi, aug 21: Manning sentenced to 35 years. On April 24, the sentencing phase began the next day.

On or around that date he also passed the story to Kevin Poulsen of Wired, but also because she was opposed to the kind of war in which she found herself involved. Said the leaks had placed the lives of American soldiers and Afghan informants in danger. On New Year’s Day; archived from the original on 8 May 2008. She saw Obama’s legacy as “a warning against not being bold enough.