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This article relies too much on references to primary sources. An automobile dealership in Orland, California which closed after General Automotive repair labor guide pdf cut ties with it and several hundred other dealers as part of its Chapter 11 bankruptcy restructuring efforts in 2009.

Beginning in the later half of 2008, a global-scale recession adversely affected the economy of the United States. Following dramatic drops in automobile sales throughout 2008, two of the “Big Three” U. General Motors emerged from bankruptcy as a new company majority owned by the United States Treasury, and Chrysler emerged owned primarily by the United Auto Workers union and by Italian automaker Fiat S. Following the 2000s energy crisis, the U. As of 2012, the industry has recovered to some extent. GM had 2011 sales of more than 9 million vehicles, more than Toyota. By 2012, polls from Pew Research Center and Quinnipiac University Polling Institute show that the American public now believes that the bailouts have been helpful for the American economy.

Some note that the crisis occurred mainly as a result of business of the Big Three U. Analysts point out that Asian companies that manufacture automobiles mostly Asia but also in the U. In 2006, Consumer Reports reported that all 10 of the cars that it considered to be the 10 best were built by Japanese companies. However, two polls taken three years after the event show that Americans did eventually support the auto bailout.

At the time, the Big Three employees, parts-supplier employees and car-dealer employees totaled approximately 1. All auto-related industries and after-market service businesses employed approximately 3. 1 million people in the United States. Gary Burtless of the Brookings Institution argued that hourly wages were similar between the Big Three and the transplants. The basic hourly wage received by a UAW worker in a Big Three plant is close to that received by a Toyota or Honda worker in a U. David Cole of the Center for Automotive Research. 48 per hour, with similar productivity.

According to the Heritage Foundation, the ratio of retirees to workers varies across the Big Three. For each active worker at GM, there were 3. 8 retirees or dependents in 2006. 0 and at Ford there were 1. This means the legacy labor cost burden for GM is significantly greater than its competitors.

UAW may give up jobs bank to revive auto loans, elect Obama: Here’s How to Get the Economy out of the Ditch”. Q: Who is Auto, ” asserted that Chapter 11 bankruptcy would allow Detroit to reorganize but not cause the massive job losses feared by some. On March 14, such removal is typical in a bailout. Testing for problems, creating a “high mileage vehicle economy” based on hybrid and fuel cell cars. College Park’s school of business, david Cole of the Center for Automotive Research.