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Please forward this error screen to sharedip-10718047119. Fort Wilderness Fun Facts and Information All photos are thumbnails, click to because of winn dixie full book pdf an enlarged version This page is, and probably always be a work in progress. Please feel free to drop me an e-mail with any suggestions, corrections or additions.

Actually, my first camping trip ever was to Fort Wilderness. Miami was not know as the camping capitol of the world. I was in high school and on the baseball team. As a team “field trip” we went to FW for a few days.

We packed up the old yellow school bus and trucked up the turnpike to this new place to check it out. We reserved 3 campsites if I remember correctly, and ended up on the Little Bear Path. For those who never camped there in the early days, neat things happened. For one, instead of buses they ran trams like the parking lot at the Magic Kingdom around the campground loop until around 2AM.

The trams were neat because you could ride round and round all night. The were still running the steam train then and that was a lot of fun to ride. Who would ever have thought that 30 years later I would still be going to FW. Until you visit and look around, you may have difficulty understanding the impressiveness of Fort Wilderness. Many have said that Fort Wilderness is the standard by which all commercial campgrounds should be judged.

The campground boasts over 700 camping sites with a wonderful canopy of trees throughout. Reservations Reservations at Fort Wilderness are easy to make as Disney has a large full time reservations center which handles reservations for thousands of rooms on the WDW property. Some things to keep in mind when making a reservation at Fort Wilderness. Think about it, there are tens of thousands of Disney hotel rooms fitting into a few categories such as Value, Moderate and Deluxe and most rooms, no mater what property have similar size rooms, room capacities and rules regarding the room. So Site Pricing can be found on the Mousesavers Web Site.

Suffice to say, the pricing is a little confusing. For most properties Disney divides the year into four rate “seasons, but for Fort Wilderness that add a fifth. Additionally, there are four levels of sites, each with a different price. There is more on the types of sites below. Previous Pricing Many people ask what to do if Fort Wilderness is booked full. I have been lucky and have always been able to get into Fort Wilderness. If you are told that there are no sites available you can always call back.

You can try as often as you like – cancellations are very common. The computer system seems to release the cancellations at 7AM, so an early morning call is usually best. Any questions about the campground itself should be directed to Fort Wilderness staff. August 2011 the prices effective January 2012 would be should be posted by Disney. Prices generally remain firm for the entire year once posted.

Discounts are available most of the year and change regularly. As the need for a full service travel agency arose for things like packages, airfare, cruises and the like WDW Travel was created. WDW Travel books complete packages including air, cruises, tickets and other stuff. Trip cancellation insurance has been a big moneymaker for travel agencies for years, especially in the cruise industry, so be sure to ask if it’s included. Now, we do have to remember to compare apples to apples. Taxes at WDW are a big part of the “add on” price. CRO usually quotes the price without taxes and other add ons.

I asked if that included taxes, the reply NO. I knew right away I was talking to WDW Travel. When I questioned the price and who I was talking with, the CM state that she was with WDW Travel and it included trip insurance. I asked to be transferred to CRO. 30   As the insurance is sold a a percentage of the total cost, the insurance fee can add up quickly on a cabin with tickets and other stuff included.