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Please forward this error screen to 147. You think we have got safety cracked? Well, injuries may have fallen but problems including work cancers, insecurity and mental health conditions are rocketing. Dave Smith says only informed collective action celebrate recovery leadership guide pdf really make work better.

Trade union safety reps of course, who in October 2017 celebrate the 40th anniversary of their lifesaving role. There are about 100,000 union safety reps countrywide. And there are many thousands of workers alive today because of the work they do. The TUC’s Hugh Robertson says the union body is launching a new organising drive with this life-saving union effect at its core. What it comes to conditions at work, union safety reps are the first and last line of defence. In hostile times, Mick Holder says their skills need to be tip-top to win improvements. The law enforcer has been gutted.

Worker involvement is currently the biggest thing in health and safety, says the TUC. But Hugh Robertson, the union body’s head of safety, warns the positive chatter from enforcers and employers is not always translating into meaningful consultation at the workplace. Is it possible to take a dysfunctional workplace, battered by assaults, sickness and poor morale, and in less than a year make it a haven of safety and worker contentment, with managers valuing the union role? Union rep Mark White explains how they achieved just that in his workplace. Trade union safety reps mean fewer accidents and less sickness at work.

Workers join unions because they are concerned about safety, and stay in unions for the same reason. That’s why training trade union safety reps in the links between safety and organisation is a top priority for TUC. And it is how global building union BWI is recruiting members worldwide. The resource-starved Health and Safety Executive can no longer investigate some of the most serious workplace injuries. It just doesn’t seem to see it. The government admits the lifesaving work of safety reps saves society hundreds of millions of pounds each year.

Now unions are asking why the Health and Safety Executive seems reluctant to expand their role. A new TUC report confirms what Hazards has said all along – union safety reps are your best defence against work-related accidents and ill-health. Union safety reps have a dramatic, positive impact on safety at work – and the more training they get, the more marked the “union safety effect. Hazards reports how the union training on your doorstep and now in cyberspace can be a workplace lifesaver. When an official safety agency investigated what makes workplaces safer, it got a surprise. Plus more on the union effect from safety news from the UK and Australia. When it comes to workplace harm, hygienists might have a measure it and doctors a diagnosis for it, but only workers with collective power have much chance of doing anything about it.

And there is no shortage of up-to-the-minute evidence demonstrating this “union safety effect. Worker Safety Advisers, selected and trained by unions and funded by the government, become the first UK union reps to have an officially sanctioned “roving” remit, and are now taking the union safety effect to non-union workplaces. This comes as no surprise to unions. TUC safety reps’ training makes you so good you save lives. You are exposed to toxic chemicals. You lift, carry, you get strains.

You are stressed to the eyeballs. All this and the law says you should be safe and healthy at work. Hazards looks at how safety reps can organise to close the reality gap on workplace safety. For years union negotiators have seen work organisation as a matter of organising shifts and work processes to maximise pay. Jon Richards of the UK public sector union UNISON says Europe’s unions are now searching for solutions that improve all aspects of the working world, including health and safety. The economy is buoyant, but we work harder for less pay.