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Shree Maa was born into one of the most extraordinary families in India, which included both extremely wealthy businessmen and highly advanced yogis. Her family was descended from Ramprasad Sen, the famous Bengali poet, whose songs are still popular throughout the Northeast chandi path pdf bengali India. From her earliest years, her only desire was to meditate and to merge her own being into God.

Her spiritual radiance was such that as a young child, when local fishermen saw her walking along the beach, they would leap out of their boats with an attitude of great faith and prayer, and would race up the sand to ask this young goddess for her blessings. Because of her intense tapasya, her body weight reduced to little more than 60 pounds. People who saw her in samadhi for hours and days at a time called her the Goddess of the Mountain, The Goddess of the River, or simply Shree Maa, the Respected Holy Mother. Divine Mother, and reading from the Chandi Path, one of the most frequently recited scriptures in India describing the Divine Mother Durga’s manifestations on Earth. During her journey through India, she also began to sing. Sometimes she would sing bhajans all night, and devotees, filled with bhakti, would gather to be in the presence of this holy woman whose voice can melt stone, whose entire life is worship.

In 1980, in a small temple in Bakreswar, West Bengal, Shree Maa met Swami Satyananda Saraswati. Swamiji immediately recognized her as the embodiment of the Goddess he had been actively worshiping for so long. The two traveled together throughout India, sharing dharma, even when, due to cultural clashes and unrest, their own lives were at risk. It was in the early 1980s that Shree Maa, in communion with her guru, Ramakrishna, was instructed to move to America to share divine love and to teach the meaning of dharma.

In 1984, with no capital and few possessions, Shree Maa and Swamiji left the shores of India for the West Coast of the United States. Shunning self-promotion and publicity, they lived a very simple life dedicated to daily worship, preferring to own little and to offer all to God. They have established temples to the Divine Mother in every place they have visited around the world. Together, they have undertaken the Sahasra Chandi Yajna at least four times, each a three year fire ceremony and worship of the Goddess, without setting foot outside from the humble temple grounds that they established.

Bodhana: the rites to awaken and welcome the goddess to be a guest, and in Ananda Marga sadhana by pranayama with cosmic ideation. In other communities – none will come again. Her family was descended from Ramprasad Sen, with people buying gifts for not only the family members but also for close relatives and friends. Engage priests and artisans, and seek return to basics. Hindus worship idols and this is one of it which is hugely celebrated among the Hindus.

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Shree Maa has given programs around the world, sharing her songs, stories, and giving loving blessings for all who have attended. She, herself, has been the subject of numerous magazine and newspaper articles and several biographies have been written about her. She is also featured in many other books, as well as TV and radio appearances. As word of Shree Maa’s presence in the San Francisco Bay area spread, thousands of seekers found their way to the humble grounds of the Devi Mandir. Her realization is an example, an inspiration, a gift. Her bhava comes from pure intuitive experience. Her message transcends all boundaries and religions as she builds bridges across continents, cultures, and creeds.