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How age rating symbols are developed at the USK The strictest age classification rules in the world Germany has the strictest statutory rules in the world for the classification and sale of computer games. Classification of retailers pdf organizes the classification process cumulating in the issuing of state age categorizations. Advisory Council comprising 16 representatives from important social stakeholder groups.

USK game testers Given the fact that over 3,000 procedures are conducted each year and 1,000 new games are released, the examination process requires precise preparation in order to enable the Classification Committees to be in a position to issue the subsequent age classifications. The USK teaches its testers the correct way to present a game. Classification preparations Everything required for the testing of a new computer game is available at the premises of the USK. The USK begins by checking the technical functionality of the game, the completeness of the submission form and all documentation. The USK game testers receive all complex titles a number of days before the actual examination. A total of 50 child protection experts from the 16 Federal States have been appointed. These experts have experience with working with issues affecting children and young persons.

The USK plays the games it classifies The number one guiding principle for all classification procedures is that the USK completely plays through every game submitted. This is a unique approach worldwide. Within the Classification Committee, every member has the opportunity to experience a game at first hand at any time. The presentation prepared by the testers provides the child protection experts with a basis for accessing the game. Rating issued by the State Representative In its capacity as lead manager for the age categorisation of computer games, the Federal State of North Rhine-Westphalia has appointed two Permanent Representatives of the Supreme Youth Protection Authorities of the Federal States. One of these representatives takes part in the evaluation procedure for each classification. This includes such aspects as sales regulations for the retail trade.

Each game may only be made publicly available within the scope of the age rating issued. Parents at home make their own decisions Whereas the sale of computer games to children and young persons is subject to state restrictions, it is ultimately up to parents to decide which games their children are permitted to play at home. The necessary information on all USK titles classified is available in our games data base. Our latest brochure includes full information and facts about the USK. ICB in 2011 and announced it was creating its own version of it.