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Please forward this error screen to sharedip-107180648. The idea behind this Instructable was to fulfill my desire for a desktop sized CNC machine. While it would have been nice to purchase an off the shelf unit cnc cutting machine pdf issue of price as well as size proved prohibitive. Here are some pictures of other peoples machines.

Not only does it look super it must weigh a ton. But kudos, anyone who’s worked with acrylic knows laser cutting it is great but it is a very very unfriendly material to drill and there is a lot of side drilling in this design. Super impressively he also resisted the urge to cheat and cut all his pieces by hand. CNC here but there is one websites in particular I found quite useful in my research.

The goal was to try and keep the tools required within the realm of an average handyman’s shop. An entire instructable could be written on chosing a controller and motors. These parts can be acquired from three places. I had to visit several Home Depots in my area before I had enough. I couldn’t find a way to link to parts directly on the MCMaster Carr site.

To find them go to www. I had some experience Scroll Sawing pieces so I choose to use a glue on pattern method. What is required is to print out the PDF pattern files onto tiled pages, then glue on each pattern, and cutout each piece. I’ve added a DXF version of the 0. UPDATE: There is now a choice in patterns for the 0. For the aluminum tube the pattern must be glued to two sides. If the Tube is laying flat on a table and you glue the side A patterns to the top side B can be glued on either of the side faces.

Not too much to say for this step simply cut around each outline. Step 8: CheatingI must apologize at this stage I succumb to the desire to cheat. Unfortunatly I did not realize this until this stage. I was now within reach of a full size CNC router table.

I have not counted but this project requires a lot of holes. The holes which are drilled into the edge of the material are particularly important so just take your time, you’ll appreciate it later when you need to use the rubber mallet only sparingly. The areas with holes drilled overlapping are an attempt to create grooves if you have a table router that would work much better for this. If you’ve made it this far I must offer my congratulations and suggest it only gets better from here. Looking at the pile of pieces picturing how it manages to become a machine may be a tad abstract so I tried my best to create instructions as close to those produced by LEGO. But in the interest of amusing along the way here is a timelapse of me putting my machine together. All that is required is to wire up your motors and controller following their instructions, and to set up your control software using the included instructions and the machine specific details included here in step 2.