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C’mon, who’s really clueless about trade? From Forbes, the kind of thing you find in among Chamber of Commerce types: Trump’s Tariffs Confessions of a car salesman pdf A Reminder He’s Clueless About Trade. Sure he is, and the evidence keeps piling up day by day.

In economics, identities play an important role. These identities are obtained by equating two different breakdowns of a single aggregate. Identities are interesting, and usually important, by definition. Given this identify, which must hold, the trade deficit is equal to the excess of private sector investment over savings, plus the excess of government spending over tax revenue. G and pretending that an increase in G can cause an increase in Y. There is much more to say about free trade and I have been meaning to say it for a while. This might therefore be what finally stirs me to spell it out in more detail, but this will have to do for now.

See, for example, Australia takes Canada to WTO over rules on selling wine. My dual nationality obviously makes it impossible for me to see the rights and wrongs of this, but let me say that no Australian will ever understand the liquor laws of Canada, which were introduced as temporary measures during World War I. There’s a lesson in there as well. AND LET ME ADD THIS: Via Tel Delingpole: Apocalypse Trump Is Unleashed on Davos. Trump is offering the world a choice: one that has not been properly articulated by any Western leader since the era of Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan. Do you choose to follow United States down the path of freedom, liberalised markets, low taxes, minimal government, civil order, security, controlled immigration, the pursuit of an acknowledged national interest?

As he says, it’s not as simple as that, but then again, nothing ever is. This entry was posted in Economics and economy, Market Economy. 62 Responses to C’mon, who’s really clueless about trade? Every time someone tries to skewer Trump, they fall over their own clumsy efforts and end up skewering themselves. There is a reasonable point though and reasonable people should concede this. Trump’s soft underbelly is the trade issue and saying it ain’t so or pretending otherwise is verging towards wilful blindness.

On real free trade, USA doesn’t need the world. EU isn’t interested in free trade. Trade, is that where Australias autocrats get brown paper bags of cash from chinese communist party donors, then destroy an Australian industry and fill the demand gap with buying stuff made by the chinese communist party? Cheaper for a start, then the chicoms can ramp up their profitability in the medium term. Australa will only have our indoctrination and our bargain basement corruption to sell the world once the industry linked to our Anglosphere Heresy is purged from the place.

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