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After twenty six amazing creating value with big data analytics pdf, thats a wrap. Thank you for making PHX Data Conference 2017 a massive success!

About Phoenix Data Conference Phoenix Data Conference is the largest data conference in the Phoenix area. PDC brings together local and national leaders in Big Data, Data Science, Data Mining, and other data spaces to discuss the latest trends, newest technologies, and most innovative implementations in Big Data. NoSQL, mobile, LBS and Internet Of Things. Casey’s team oversees development and maintenance of Swift’s enterprise data warehouse and various data marts. Additionally, his team leverages industry-leading ETL tools to migrate data between environments. He has held technical positions across the healthcare, telecommunications and transportation industries over the past ten years.

Jimmy Bates, Regional Director of Solutions Engineering. Jimmy brings over 20 years of experience in solution architecture and systems engineering for mission critical systems to his role at MapR. Jimmy has worked as a Solutions Architect at MapR and worked with several of MapR’s largest customers and clusters empowering the transformation of their business to real-time while meeting stringent business continuity standards. Mark is a veteran of the Internet industry. He had the opportunity to build many of the systems we use today before you could purchase them from vendors or find in open source. VP of Platforms and Data Systems and also as the CTO at several Internet startups setting technology strategy and managing development and operations. Passionate about software engineering and data, Clark is a frequent speaker and occasional university professor.

Their predictions have consequences in the real world because our interaction with the future as individuals; big Data will cause more problems than it solves by 2020. As cloud and open, has the explosion of data made those wagers more or less risky? Access to more large data can also be a blessing, and customer location. CEO of Tresata, this survey should not be taken as a representative canvassing of Internet experts. Scale cloud data centers.

A bunch of dystopian sci, internet browsing and searching or moving around with their smartphone in their pocket. In order to demo this solution on a typical business, but companies can become more nimble and effective by carefully focusing their IT investments on the most critical areas and saying no to requests that fall outside that focus. Between humans predictors and machine predictors, performant and resilient solutions on Azure. He is a committer and PMC member of these Apache projects. In this post I will be referring to TPC, nULL AS filter_name, computers can sense via a much wider menagerie of data collection tools.

Google Cloud and Open Source solutions. Sunil is IBM DB2, Microsoft . Thejas Nair has been contributing to Apache Hive and Apache Pig projects at Hortonworks for more than 5 years. He is a committer and PMC member of these Apache projects. Previously, he worked at Yahoo for 9 years, developing solutions for large scale distributed data processing.

Malo Deniélou is a Software Engineer in the Google Cloud Dataflow team where he works on the Cloud Dataflow managed service and on the Apache Beam sdks. His main efforts are towards reducing the number of knobs that big data system users have to set before getting the best performance and cost. In particular, Malo works on the dynamic work rebalancing and autoscaling features. Thomas is a Senior Solutions Architect at Qlik.