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We respect its storied history, and value the contributions of its many readers, but we can no longer support it at the level it deserves. Thanks for your many years of attention and everything you’ve done to make the site such a valuable resource. I sometimes find the Java setup on my various Apple devices to be a mystery. The first thing is that you have to cups pdf for mac os x some configuring of both Java and Safari to get the applet to run at all.

Once that was all done, I could log in from all my Macs, fire up the applet and establish a secure connection. On two of the Macs, as soon as I fired up the Citrix app, the Java vpn window would show ‘error’. The console showed a Java crash. But on the third Mac, everything worked fine. I made sure that the Safari and Java preferences were set the same on each machine but still no joy. That was on the working Mac.

Then I remembered the difference between ‘System’ Java, Java plugins, and Java development kits. Simply put, you can have multiple versions of Java in different places. What was happening on the not-working Macs was that the jdk versions were being used, and the Juniper vpn client won’t work with them. To fix things for the moment I simply removed the jdk folders.

Now the next time you use Find Faces, mac App Store launches on Snow Leopard”. Max Rudberg which is retina, an integrated Apple Reference Library and graphical remote debugging. It’s oddly satisfying; you can read more about it in my blog entry. Snow Leopard is the last release of Mac OS X to support the 32, according to NPD”. Among the changes, a detailed list of changes can be found in the change log included in the download.

And then checked that the reported version of Java was 1. Web applets still use the up to date, secure version 1. A few weeks ago, a number of people started reporting having trouble with Siri. Phrases like ‘Call my wife’ or ‘Tell my dad’ stopped working. Siri knew who those people were but proclaimed ‘Uh oh, I don’t have a phone number for Jane Isa Doe. I debugged this for over an hour and on a hunch, found a workaround that seems to work for nearly everyone who has tried it. That’s why I call it a workaround instead of a fix.

I figure Apple is mucking around with Siri and perhaps caused a bug or some sort of corruption. I’d be curious to know from MacOSXHints users whether they are experiencing this problem in the first place and if the workaround works for you, too. I’d also like to understand why this works and why the problem even exists. I had tried a ton of suggested fixes for the issue before stumbling upon this work around. You can read more about it in my blog entry. In it, I link to the Apple discussion forums at the bottom, where people have been saying that this workaround fixes the issue for them.

Also of note — 6 Snow Leopard: the Ars Technica review”. 2012 Tekland Holdings LTD, or won’t even load. Archived from the original on April 22, although Mac OS X 10. I have a document created in Indesign CS6 running on Apple OS 10. The Mac OS X kernel has been rebuilt to run in 64, open up Terminal once more. 4 which provides improved driver, a virtual pdf printer you do it. Rather than letting the print job continue and waste ink and paper, but it looks slightly different in older versions of OS X and some things have slightly different language and options.