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Create more spaces that weren’t there before, save a tonne by creating you’re own designing the obvious pdf out of cardboard and watercolour tape. You’ll find several nifty tricks and tips here and in following instructables about how to design your own cardboard furniture.

Some pieces can be completed in a day or two, depending on your design. I came across Eric Guiomar’s DVD titled How to Design Cardboard Furniture by Vinestreetworks, then his first book, and then this instructable was born. Here’s some new techniques you can use to design uniquely shaped furniture. Eric Guiomar’s new pdf book part 2 is available. In this instructable, I demonstrate how I made an extremely sturdy three-storey book shelf made of six ply cardboard.

Simply follow the same principles to create any design you like. Check out books and catalogues for inspiration. The first cupboard I planned to make was a Chinese style black and gold one. In this instructable the same methods are used for every type of object you plan to make. I will show step by step techniques of how I made a craft cupboard to store my knicks knacks. So now you’ve figured out you basic construction.

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You will be surprised at the strength of your cardboard structure. This cupboard below holds up to 80kg of folders. After 3 months its still standing! Look for clean cardboard thrown away in electronic superstores. Large complete pieces are ideal – the size of a refrigerator or plasma tv. You will need to work out the measurements for thicknesses for each layer ON PAPER. 6-10cm is ideal space between each LAYER.

Thicker ply of cardboard is definitely going to make aa stronger cupboard or chair or table. In one structure I used 2-ply cardboard other times 3-ply. When cutting the shapes of the cardboard use a simple craft knife. Slice 3-4 times over the line you’ve drawn without using pressure. You’ll be surprised how effortless it is compared to working with WOOD. I used the side of brick and its brillant. Accuracy in MILLIMETRES is essential, or your structure may collapse.

NOTE THE DIRECTION of your cardboard. If you cut on the vertical GRAIN each piece will be stronger than if you cut a horizontal grain. Now you will cut out the silhouette shapes. The middle one and the front one you will cut out the spaces for the shelves. The 3rd silhouette will not be cut out inside as this is to be the BACK of the shelf.

In the pictures here, some like to cut 4 silhouette shapes for extra support. The width of each strut will be the same width as the THICKNESS of each layer. Cut and measure your strut pieces. You will only need ONE silhouette to cut struts. You can create more than 3 silhouettes for extra strength for a long chest of drawers for example. Label each SILHOUETTE : top and bottom, front and back.