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Author: Jeff Geerling ISBN-10: 098639341X Year: 2015 Pages: devops cookbook pdf download Language: English File size: 4. Everything is explained with pertinent real-world examples, often using Vagrant-managed virtual machines.

Reproduction of site books is authorized only for informative purposes and strictly for personal, private use. Although devops is not about tooling, there are a number of open source tools out there that will be able to help you achieve your goals. Some of those tools will also enable better communication between your development and operations teams. However, the real question is what do we need in configuration management? For example, if we want to take in data that other people provide and then do something with it, we need a tool that handles that well. For continuous integration and continuous deployment, we need a number of tools to help us there.

We need to be able to build reproducible artifacts which we can test. And we need a reproducible infrastructure which we can manage in a fast and sane way. Capistrano, a deployment library, is the most popular standalone tool in this category. Again, the key is to find a tool that tracks behavior-from history to change logs-in ways that is meaningful for both dev and ops. The key is to make sure that everyone can see the data so they can make better decisions. This requires scripting all of our source artifacts, but the payoff should be a single source of truth for both our application code and our IT systems and databases, allowing us to quickly identify where things went wrong, and recreate known states with the push of a button. These tools automate common developer tasks including compiling source code into binary code, creating executables, running tests, and creating documentation.

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