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Please forward this error screen to 158. If you are new to clicker training, you will want to start by reading difference between classical conditioning and operant conditioning pdf articles under CLICKER BASICS, FAQ, and GETTING STARTED.

Those articles are also available here if you scroll down, or you can get to them from the sidebar menu. How I Found Clicker Training – If you are curious about how I got started clicker training, here is the story of how I learned about it. In this article I share some of the  reasons why I like clicker training and what makes it different from other training methods. I read an article about him in the newspaper one morning and it prompted me to write this post to the clickryder list. Clicker trained horses love to offer behaviors off cue and it is one of their charms that they are so enthusiastic, but should you click offered behaviors? Is it possible to click offered behaviors without losing all stimulus control?

Duration: Training Strategies and how to develop duration in the clicker trained horse   An in-depth look at duration in the clicker trained horse. How can I train a horse that works for longer periods of time? How to Interpret and Manage Energy, Excitement and Tension. Some thoughts on how to handle energy and emotions in our horses. If you feel like your training is being controlled by your horse’s mental state and energy level, this article may give you some ideas for addressing that. Taking Clicker Training From the Classroom to “Real Life.

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