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Local government in Pennsylvania is government below the state level in Pennsylvania. Larger, more densely populated municipal entities, usually ones with a well defined business district and recognizable as having the traditional attributes of a ‘town’ is the Pennsylvania borough. Pennsylvania, so the next step up is the city. Each municipality falls under a certain type of municipal laws by the classification of municipality, and some types of municipalities are then eligible to be reclassified into another class according to their population and passage of a change referendum. These classes limit or expand the local governmental powers, and the forms of local office holders and town officials.

Finally, villages and census-designated places are a part of the local community. Although they are not recognized local governments, they often refer to specific areas of township or other municipality and are often more familiar to people than the incorporated municipality. Counties in Pennsylvania serve the traditional roles for state including law enforcement, judicial administration, and election conduct. Some of the other functions that Pennsylvania’s counties may perform include public health, property assessment, and redevelopment. Pennsylvania is divided into 67 counties. Most counties are governed by a board of commissioners, consisting of three members.