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This article does not cite any sources. This is a list of episodes of the American animated television series Baby Looney Tunes. When Taz keeps breaking most draw the looney tunes pdf his toys, Granny gives him a new one and he believes it is broken but Granny says that it is the toy’s job.

Granny plans a surprise birthday party for Tweety. Sylvester loses his blanket so everyone helps him find it. Granny gives the babies swimming lessons but Daffy is afraid. The babies pretend to go to school. Granny leaves and lets Bugs be in charge since he’s the oldest, but Taz goes missing.

Granny gives Bugs, Daffy, Tweety and Lola a box to play in. Granny teaches the babies to tell the time. Song: Does Your Tongue Hang Low? Bugs and Daffy fight over who’s getting Lola on their badminton team. Daffy steals Granny’s wallet and claims it as his own.

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Sylvester keeps trying to stay out of bed just so he can spend some time with Granny. The babies have a car race to win a cookie trophy. Daffy tells the babies a scary story that really scares them all. The babies have their own version of the Olympics with a puddle while Sylvester gets Granny to get over his fear of water. After misunderstanding a comment by Granny, Lola starts telling everyone their mistakes and saying that they should be like her. Everyone imitates Lola, which annoys her.

The babies see who can make better Mother’s Day cards. Daffy steals Taz’s favorite toy but it ends up in the trash. After Bugs loses his first tooth, Taz’s tooth becomes loose and Daffy wants to steal it for money. Taz loses his ability to spin and the babies help him learn how to once again. The babies play in the snow and build a snowman called Snowy.