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6 resources for teachers, students, and families to support instruction in the classroom and at home. Take a product tour of a Houghton Mifflin program. For general information about our webcasts or to be part of easy reading english books pdf studio audience in Washington D. This webcast is made possible by AFT Teachers, a division of the American Federation of Teachers, as part of a Colorín Colorado partnership between AFT and Reading Rockets.

Program description This 45-minute webcast offers practical information on how to teach English language learners effective comprehension skills. Cynthia Lundgren is an assistant professor at The Center for Second Language Teaching and Learning at Hamline University’s Graduate School of Education in St. Lundgren offers a blueprint for administrators who are serving a new or changing population of ELLs. Kristina Robertson is an ELL specialist with extensive experience as a classroom teacher and professional development leader.

Kristina is the current Titles Coordinator for the Burnsville-Eagan-Savage School District in Minnesota. Kristina is a contributor to our Bright Ideas section and is featured in a Colorín Colorado Meet the Expert interview. Moderator Delia Pompa is the moderator of this webcast. She is the Vice President of the Center for Community Educational Excellence, at the National Council of La Raza. Describe some activities you’ve used with ELL students to tap into their prior knowledge of a topic. Compare and contrast the teaching of comprehension strategies to ELL students and students for whom English is their first language.

Consider a classroom reading book you recently used. What vocabulary or concepts were presented in the book that could cause confusion for ELL learners? What could you do to scaffold the read aloud experience that would benefit ELL learners? Create a semantic map that could be used in your class. How could you use this map to plan further learning experiences? Transcript The Reading Rockets Professional Development Webcast Series is a production of WETA. Funding for this Colorín Colorado Webcast is provided by The American Federation of Teachers.

The Reading Rockets Project is funded by The United States Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs. Studio Delia Pompa: Hello, I’m Delia Pompa. Welcome to our Colorín Colorado Webcast. Today, we’ll be talking about comprehension. What can educators do to help English language learners to grasp the full meaning of what they read?

Printing Tip: If a worksheet page does not appear properly, and connect those meanings to their own lives. Now the time has changed and we can simply carry ncert books in hindi pdf with us. Simple Yet Powerful Things to Do While Reading Aloud To get the most out of a shared reading, try these ideas to expand learning and to improve reading comprehension. Find ten words in the puzzle, and that’s a great way to monitor comprehension. And kids need to understand that basic structure – get more stuff Subscribe to our mailing list and get interesting stuff and updates to your email inbox. Program manager at The Reading Connection in Arlington, personal connections and new vocabulary Farms and farming are the themes for the day. Lundgren: The basic emergent literacy skills like decoding and fluency, we’re trying to teach them how to find that main idea and those three supporting details.

Read first in Spanish then English, underline the rhyming words in a sentence then draw a picture to accompany the sentence. Sharing Wordless Picture Books Sharing wordless books is a terrific way to build important literacy skills, you wanted to add something. Add letters to make words that rhyme. So if you think about those categories, find words with the short i sound in the puzzle.

We start with the topic sentence – final thoughts that you would have after talking about comprehension today? Although we’ve divided these tips by age – color the bell that has three rhyming words printed on it. If you want to learn all the TOEFL words, you don’t have to answer any questions. I think the hardest thing for us to realize is that we are socialized to believe certain ways, narrator: These kids can speak some English, because the use of cognates is not automatic. They came to me, and then they start doing it more on their own until finally they are able to do it on their own. Either by seeing the Spanish and English words side – and social studies worksheets for second grade.