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The French Tutorial is a web-based step by step lesson covering basics, pronunciation, but free french lessons pdf grammar, vocabulary and everyday French. It offers audio and video support for better oral comprehension, a table of contents and an index for faster searches.

Charityware The French Tutorial is a charityware. You may of course use it for free but should you appreciate the website and the proposed content, please consider making a donation to the Erica Leafquist Fund to help discover drugs and therapies to improve ALL’s cure rate. Social Networks Ask questions on our Facebook page or stay up to date on Twitter. Privacy policy Our privacy policy has been but one line! No user name, no email, no password and no cookie used to track your activity on our website.

We are happy to offer our lessons online and FREE. Go to the link Free Lessons and choose the lessons according to your level. You will find basic lessons, a method, grammar presented in an easy way, easy to understand with videos and quizzes, a French – English dictionary,help for GCSE, a tool to say aloud what you type, daily French expressions, French verbs conjugated with audio, News in French – English with audio. What People say about our FREE lessons: “This is absolutely brilliant. Why can’t all teachers teach like this? I guess I will make it a habit to learn all the lesson you shared. I have looked and looked for so long for some thing like this and finally I AM here.

Please, contact us for more information. Daily Expressions Faire la popote, la tambouille. Learn French Learn French online free! Use the following interactive lessons, games and activities to learn up to 1200 French words and phrases all for free! French Words Learn French words from many different topics such as animals, furniture, and travel.

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