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Most PT notes are written in the S. P note format, which stands functional anatomy for physical therapists pdf Subjective, Objective, Assessment and Plan. It is a record of the progress of the patient, which is included in his or her patient chart.

The information contained in the subjective part of the PT note includes what the patients says about his or her condition or problem. It can be in the form of a quote from the patient’s statement, for example, “My back is so painful, especially after sitting for many hours at work. It is better to look for subjective information that is more specific, such as “My back pain has reduced from 10 to 6. Or it can be stated as “Patient states that his back pain has reduced from pain level of 10 to 6. It is important that in this section, the subjective information should be related to the patient’s condition, progress in rehabilitation, functional mobility or quality of life.

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Other irrelevant information should be excluded, such as “Brittney’s bald again. This section of the PT note is where concrete measurements, such as blood pressure and range of motion and treatment interventions performed are recorded. This section should include specific treatments. It should also include the frequency, duration and equipment used. The objective section should be specific enough so that in case the therapist is not available, another therapist can treat the patient.