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Located within a world-general surgery review pdf academic medical center, the Body Contouring Surgery Program at Massachusetts General Hospital offers comprehensive, state-of-the-art surgical services designed to enhance your appearance. Comprehensive Care Before and After Surgery Our approach to patient care centers on the patient.

What to Expect During your consultation, the surgeon will review your medical history and treatment goals. Treatment options, including risks and benefits, will be discussed in detail. We also ask that you bring a list of medications, vitamins and herbal supplements that you take, along with information on dosages. We may share before-and-after photos to demonstrate the benefits of various surgical options. Our goal is to give you a realistic picture of what to expect so that you can make an informed decision.

Our dedicated patient care services representatives will help coordinate your surgery, aftercare and accommodations for out-of-town patients and guests. Our team of highly trained plastic and reconstructive surgery nurse practitioners is also available to answer questions before and after surgery, as well as provide post-surgical care. The length of hospital stay generally ranges from one to two nights, although select procedures may be completed on an outpatient basis. Body Contouring Surgery After Massive Weight Loss We combine first-rate personal service and exceptional patient care with a multidisciplinary care team composed of surgeons, nutritionists and exercise specialists to help ensure successful long-term results. We work closely with the Mass General Weight Center to help care for all aspects of your well-being.

A support program designed to help you achieve your personal weight loss goals, dietary goals and manage stress is also available. Most patients who have had massive weight loss require multiple procedures to optimize their shape. To provide the best possible result, we typically defer surgery until your weight is stable. Depending on your health and personal preference, you may schedule these procedures one at a time or all at once.

Leaders in the Field Our surgeons are Harvard Medical School-affiliated physicians who are highly experienced in performing a wide range of body-contouring procedures. As members of a world-class academic medical institution, our surgeons explore and develop leading-edge surgical procedures and techniques that are used to improve patient safety and outcomes around the world. Patient Safety Body-contouring surgery carries risks, so safety is an important consideration. Our team is internationally recognized for expertise in plastic and reconstructive surgery. Our patients enjoy the peace of mind that comes from receiving treatment at a renowned medical institution. Instructions for patients on what to expect following breast augmentation. Instructions for patients on what to expect following breast reduction surgery.