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The nature of the bombing and the extent of the injuries suffered meant that the attack left a lasting impression on the public in Northern Ireland. In December 1971 Reginald Maudling, then Glossary of economic terms pdf Home Secretary, declared that the situation in Northern Ireland at that time amounted to “an acceptable level of violence”. Later Unionist politicians in particular claimed that this term effectively became the security policy of successive British governments who were prepared to countenance paramilitary activity so long as it remained within what it judged to be manageable proportions. There have been a number of formal Agreements between political parties in Northern Ireland, and the British and Irish governments.

A mainly middle-class political party which aims to attract support from both the main communities in Northern Ireland. David Ford has been the leader of the party since October 2001. The name of a weekly newspaper of the Republican movement. An Phoblacht’ is an Irish term meaning ‘the Republic’. A Catholic and Nationalist organisation based in Ireland which has traditionally worked in support of the Catholic faith and also supported Irish Nationalism.

A large working-class Catholic area in west Belfast. Many people in the area support the Republican movement. An agreement, signed on 15 November 1985, between the British and Irish governments. The agreement reasserted the principal of consent for any change in the constitutional position of Northern Ireland. However, it gave the Irish government, for the first time, a consultative role in the administration of Northern Ireland through the Intergovernmental Conference.

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Orange Order’ and the ‘Royal Black Institution’. A working-class Catholic area of North Belfast largely surrounded by Protestant districts. The term first arose in 1981 and was used to describe the commitment of the Republican movement to actively engage in the electoral process within Northern Ireland whilst at the same time maintaining its on-going armed campaign at what it saw as the continuing British presence in Ireland. In the wake of the growing civil unrest in Northern Ireland in the late 1960s the authorities in Dublin came under increasing pressure from the Catholic community to intervene in order to protect them. Whilst reluctant to commit the Irish Army a fund was established to assist Catholic families who had been forced out of their homes.