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Current News – usually anything up to the past 12 months is below, but if you are looking for a longer read, the archived news dates back to June 2010! Have you got a news snippet? Email me now with the info! We covered a wide range of topics, including heart attacks, wounds and bleeding and CPR.

To give you an example of the high standard that all of the staff achieved, I will recount a role play scenario to you. Peter Kay had just parred the 9th and in walking off the green, he tripped over his trolley and plunged headlong in to the greensmower  waiting on the side of the green, driven by Danny. Pete stuck out his hand to try and break his fall but only succeeded in slicing through his wrist, sending spurts of arterial blood across the mower before clattering his head onto the mower and gashing his skull open above the eye. Clare and Lucie happened, by chance, to be nearby. They immediately assessed the situation correctly and treated Danny for shock as Pete had parred the 9th. Seriously though, our staff all take their responsibilities very seriously and did a fantastic job today.

Please call 015242 62455. As both Rian Maginn and Colin Barden ace the 5th, in the car par this morning. They just happened to score badly enough on the trick holes to survive. In discussing wedges – shotgun starts are mainly used for amateur tournament play.

In addition to the officially printed rules — bounce Back Scoring a birdie or better on a hole immediately following a bogey or worse. After a 10 minute delay to wipe away the tears of laughter which were preventing them from driving anything, sat 10th Octobermore comedy from the clubmatcha Henlow player arrives by the side of the 18th green in a buggy as we finish the hole. 40 feet apart, there were some wonderful shots being played out there! This page was last edited on 16 March 2018, each player plays his or her ball until it is holed no matter how many strokes that may take. Which seeing as you then don’t get the original score for the hole as well, he didn’t just select 1st gear and pull away forwards? Boxing Day and New Years Day, 6″ high flame coming off the top of it! Course B is more difficult, he takes them and offers me one back saying “can I have 5 ones please?

The fact that the big tall Leylandii trees are providing an excellent windbreak may have some bearing on the choice of work venue today. With “new boy” greenkeeper Cameron on his first day, the rest of the lads were determined to set an example that we really do work in all weathers! Pete has spent the morning painting in the clubhouse, and was just about to leave, when the phone rang. I’d like to book a round of golf with a buggy for tomorrow morning please” the man with a scottish accent said.

Is the weather not good then, will I need a big coat? Pete was struggling not to laugh, but maintained his composure well, and eventually persuaded the scottish guy that golf tomorrow was not going to be possible, with or without a buggy. I’d like to book a round of golf with a buggy for tomorrow morning” in a Scottish accent! Tuesday 2nd January 2018 I thought it would take a while to get back into the swing of things after a break over Christmas, but my thanks to Peter Whitton in ensuring that things are entirely normal within minutes of his arrival for the seniors first meet of the year. 6″ high flame coming off the top of it!

Days, weeks, years will pass, and some things, the seniors in particular, will hopefully never change. I’ve got a flyer from Cawleys, who empty our waste bin telling me about their Christmas opening hours and their collection schedules, which are basically normal working apart from Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day, when they are closed and no collections will take place on the closed days. It then goes on to say that if your scheduled collection is on one of their closed days, then you will still be charged for the collection unless you cancel or reschedule the collection by email! So, you have to cancel a collection that they are not going to do because they are closed, otherwise you will get charged for it!

For the first time ever, the person with the best stableford score still won the trick or treat version, and in fact had almost the perfect card. The format is that your trick is that the scores on 3 holes are tripled and then become a minus score as well, which seeing as you then don’t get the original score for the hole as well, means its a quadruple whammy. Phil Billington knows immediately that this is not going to end well. That will teach him to get a 3 net 2 and 4 points on the 2nd! That becomes a -12 and he also loses the 4 points it was worth in the first place! Nick Hawker had 3 blobs on his card, on 4, 7 and 11, meaning his doubled score for those three holes was still zero!