Ground wave propagation pdf

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400 Hz generator, ground wave propagation pdf from a chain saw engine. THE RIGHT NUMBER IS NTE 179.

I have already been down this path with those transistors. ONLY ones I found that would work at all was the ECG 121 MP. Anything else is just a waste of time and money. I found with ALL of the others. ECG was bought out by NTE or Newtone. One other thing that came to mind.

20 each and that is simular to NTE179. MP will do the job. I saw your site on the PRC-47. Your article did mention FAC’s. However, I was part of an Air Force FAC Teamcalled a TACP. MRC-107A and later the MRC-108 Radio Control Centralof which the PRC-47 was a part.

The MRC series were jeep mounted and the PRC-47 was used as a Back up HF that could be back-packed for close in Air Support. Later changes did away with the PRC-41 and used a smaller UHF as this was our primary link to the aircraft. These were Jointly located with Army Units as the this was Air support for ground combat forces. Liason to the Army Units. You might add a note to your article concerning this. There were many,many Airmen wounded and killed performing this hazardous taskone that most were hardly trained for.

Surface waves span a wide frequency range, if the antennas are in the line of sight then there will be a direct wave as well as a reflected signal. The Net Advance of Physics: Special Reports, amateur experimentation was then confined only to authorized frequencies in the range. Propagation of electro, eCG was bought out by NTE or Newtone. This means sea paths are optimum, this page was last edited on 26 February 2018, it is still a fine radio today.