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Please forward this error hair musical script pdf to 109. PDF downloads so you can print as many copies as you need. MP3 downloads so you can make your own backing CDs. Please note that these are backing tracks and not vocal performances of the songs.

No problem, just visit our Lulu store for hard copies. You can request a download of the whole play via our Perusal Scripts page. Our musicals and play scripts are popular around the world in English-speaking countries and performances of our shows are always being staged somewhere around the globe. Read play scripts on-line and download play scripts from here.

In our catalogue you will find a range of play scripts, musical play scripts and pantomime scripts to suit all tastes and abilities, from play scripts for junior schools to professional theatre scripts. All our scripts come with a licence for one performance. Our musicals all come with piano scores and orchestrated MP3 backing tracks for performance. If you would like a printed copy of a script or musical score from our catalogue, simple use the link below to make your purchase. Backing tracks in MP3 format can be purchased for all our musical plays so you can make your own backing CD. Please note: these are not demonstration tracks and do not contain the vocal line. Samples of our tracks can be heard on the Song Samples page.

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If you would like to customize the orchestral arrangements on our backing tracks or re-score them for your own instrumental line-up you can purchase the MIDI files of all our musical plays. Using the MIDI files you can change the tempo and key to suit your instrumentalists and singers and even cut verses of longer songs. Yellowbrick Publications is a well-established internet publishing company. Are you looking for a play script for your school play, Christmas play or Christmas panto?