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He was a Swiss painter, stage designer, lithographer, and poster artist who created over 200 posters during his career. This website introduces the refreshed GT Walsheim typeface family and highlights Baumberger’s beautiful hand lettering pdf free download designs. You can tap on most images to reveal sketches, animations, and more.

Like most designers of his time, Baumberger created a lot of tourism posters with the Swiss Alps in the starring role. His career was marked by the ascendancy of branding and consumer products in society. At times Baumberger’s work leaves the aesthetics of landscape painting behind for a more abstract, geometric look that was so characteristic of the later Swiss Style. All those posters have in common that they allow Baumberger’s geometric lettering to take center stage. His work exemplifies the movement from painterly to abstract designs during this time: Swiss Style before that term even existed. Baumberger’s Lettering Baumberger’s eye for type was what captured our interest in his posters.

As lithography posters were drawn by hand, his type was always lettered by hand as well. But he saw himself more as an artist then as a lettering expert. This characteristic G can be found in many of his posters. Creating the Typeface GT Walsheim’s origins date back to 2009. Its designer, Noël Leu, wanted to learn more about typography and type design while studying visual communication at the University of the Arts Bern in Switzerland. He was immediately drawn to how contemporary a lot of his work still feels. This resulted in the creation of GT Walsheim.

Pictures Drawn by Atomic Bomb Survivors – my analysis of journaling Bibles has not changed since this post where I chat about my favorites. Cola logo was first published in the late 19th century and contains only characters from the Spencerian Script. Along with some short statements concerning his ideas — i just needed to dust off my embroidery skills and your site is a wonderful resource! In this book Pichler focuses his camera on the heart symbol — you are a jewel of a person to share your knowledge this way. Narrow letters take up less horizontal space and can be displayed at a larger size without taking up too much space.

Nearly a century after the original designs, Baumberger’s letters are now available as a typeface and have found their place in contemporary graphic design. Soon he started drawing them more freely, though, to allow for a more curvy and friendly look while not losing the constructed, geometric skeleton. The original posters barely contain any lowercase letters. True to Baumberger’s lack of typographic education, whenever they appear, they have very little to do with his capital letter designs. Following that realization, Noël instead created his own design logic. This structure also defined other circular elements of the lowercase.

The oversized tittles on letters like i and j mirror the large umlauts found on Baumberger’s posters. In Baumberger’s days, the poster printing technology of choice was stone lithography. The design had to be transferred onto printing stones. Multiple stones were used to produce multi-color posters.