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Happy Hair: The No Poo Book! Three years ago Happy days script pdf wrote a little book about something I had come to be really passionate about: life without shampoo!

I had discovered hair that was healthy, strong and shiny and I wanted to share the secrets! I try to be nice like that. And I get emails every single week from readers who are so pleased with their new No Poo hair, who have been surprised by how problem skin and scalp issues have disappeared, and who feel super confident in their new no poo regime. The Amazon Number One Bestseller as seen in The Telegraph, The Guardian and Cosmopolitan. This book is your one stop shop for everything NO Poo related, I can’t recommend it highly enough. There is a wealth of info on the internet for those wishing to explore giving up shampoo but a concise, inspiring guide to taking the plunge has been missing and this book is the business!

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