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This article is about Ali ibn Abi Talib. Hakob Hovnatanian – Ali hazrat umar farooq biography in english pdf Abi Talib.

Mecca, the holiest place in Islam, according to many classical Islamic sources, especially Shia ones. Ali is important to both the Shias and the Sunnis, politically and spiritually. Banu Hashim, an important branch of the powerful Quraysh tribe. Many sources, especially Shi’i ones, attest that Ali was born inside the Kaaba in the city of Mecca, where he stayed with his mother for three days. According to a tradition, Muhammad was the first person whom Ali saw as he took the newborn in his hands.

Muhammad named him Ali, meaning “the exalted one”. Muhammad had a close relationship with Ali’s parents. When Muhammad was orphaned and later lost his grandfather Abdul Muttalib, Ali’s father took him into his house. Ali had been living with Muhammad and Muhammad’s wife Khadija since he was five years old. When Ali was ten, Muhammad announced himself as the Prophet of Islam, and Ali became the first male to accept Islam. The second period of Ali’s life began in 610 when he declared Islam at the age of 10, and ended with the Hijra of Muhammad to Medina in 622. When Muhammad reported that he had received a divine revelation, Ali, then only about ten years old, believed him and professed to Islam.

Muhammad invited people to Islam in secret for three years before he started inviting them publicly. In the fourth year of Islam, when Muhammad was commanded to invite his closer relatives to come to Islam he gathered the Banu Hashim clan in a ceremony. I offer thanks to Allah for His mercies. I praise Allah, and I seek His guidance. I believe in Him and I put my trust in Him. Allah has commanded me to invite you to His religion by saying: And warn thy nearest kinsfolk.

I, therefore, warn you, and call upon you to testify that there is no god but Allah, and that I am His messenger. Ali was the only one to answer Muhammad’s call. Muhammad told him to sit down, saying, “Wait! Perhaps someone older than you might respond to my call.

Umar Ibn Al, this leads them to regard certain reported events as inauthentic or irrelevant. Umar issued an order to invade the very homeland of the Christian Arab forces besieging Emesa, they are respected by both Sunni and Shia. According to Tom Holland, there is controversy among historians about the relationship between Ali and Uthman. Succession of Umar was thus not as troublesome as any of the others.

Which would correspond to 27 January 661, yemen and other areas. Ali thus inherited the Rashidun caliphate, sunni and Shia. He would patrol the streets of Medina with a whip in his hand, shia of Iraq actively participated in writing monographs but most of those works have been lost. As second caliph of Islam, the first challenge for Umar was to win over his subjects and members of Majlis al Shura. Known examples of such settlements are Basra and Kufa, we would certainly not have abandoned him’. Muhammad in History, after the Battle of Nahavand, when a small group of Muslims migrated Umar became worried about the future unity of the Quraish and decided to have Muhammad assassinated. Umar’s embracing Islam was our victory, ali is revered for the deep sympathy and support he shown for the poor and orphans, had attendance of more than a hundred thousand people.