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Money Pro is icloud user guide pdf comprehensive personal finance management application with powerful features that are easy to use. Money Pro was built with a vision. It is a set of tools for keeping track of accounts, bill planning and budgeting which all work in unison. At the same time, it is much more than that.

Our goal is to give you a means for taking control of your personal finances and, ultimately, your own life as a financially free man. In this user guide you will learn how to start managing your personal finance with Money Pro on your iOS devices and Mac. The guide is divided into five areas: Accounts, Budgets, Bills, Reports, and More. These areas correspond perfectly to the five tabs of the application.

If you are a user of the latest versions Money, Bills, Budgets or Checkbook HD, you can migrate your data to Money Pro. Once you install Money Pro on the same device and launch any of the apps listed above, you will be offered to transfer your data to Money Pro. A balance sheet is a type of personal financial statement. It provides an overall snapshot of your wealth at a specific period in time. Credit card accounts show your current debt to the bank. Income transactions assigned to credit card accounts decrease the debt amount.

Keep in mind, true assets generate positive cashflow or increase in value over time. Add” and select the account type. Description: a long name and notes to the entry. For your convenience every payment account can have its own currency. Make sure to set proper currencies for each payment account SEPARATELY. Save”, then “Done” on the main form.

You can sort the accounts alphabetically or according to your desire. The new appeared screen structures the accounts by classes: Payment Accounts, Credit cards, Other Assets, Other Liabilities. There is an icon of three stripes to the right of each account. It can be called an account mobility icon. Tap and drag the three stripes icon of the needed account to the right place in the list of your accounts.

Repeat this operation with other accounts as well. Once you make the right order on your iOS device you’ll be able to transfer it to the Mac version by syncing. Import icon”, select the account the information will be imported to and select the file you want to import. Money Pro learns how you categorize transactions and predicts categories for the transactions being imported. Only “New” transactions will be imported. Previously imported transactions will remain untouched.

Also, you can drag and drop files into the app with a mouse or a trackpad on Mac. You can learn more details about the csv import from the following article. Available balance and cleared balance are calculated automatically. You can use account reconciliation for any of your accounts.