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Display advertising is advertising on websites or apps through banners or other ad formats made of text, images, flash, video, and audio. The main purpose of display advertising is to deliver general advertisements and brand messages to site visitors. Display advertising is an online form of advertising that the company’s promotional messages appear on third party sites or search engine results pages such as publishers or social networks. Nowadays, social media has been used in many organizations, in particular, ASOS is an online clothing retailer has used social media in its campaign in importance of advertising in marketing pdf of advertising and promoting its products.

Since the early advent of technology, the Internet has completely changed the way people relate to advertisements. As computers prices decreased, online content became accessible to a large portion of the world’s population. This change has modified the way people are exposed to media and advertising and has led to the creation of online channels through which advertisements can reach users. The first type of relationship between a website and an advertiser was a straightforward, direct partnership. As time went on, publishers began creating thousands of websites, leading to millions of pages with unsold ad space.

Also referred to as programmatic bidding, RTB allowed companies representing buyers and sellers to bid on the price to show an ad to a user every time a banner ad is loading. The birthday of the first banner display on the World Wide Web was on 27 October 1994. The COCONET online service had graphical online banner ads starting in 1988 in San Diego, California. The PRODIGY service, launched also in 1988, had banner ads as well. Two students of the “Amsterdam school of Communication Research ASCor” have run studies about the audience reactions to different display advertising formats. Sponsorship: including a logo or adding a brand to the design of a website. To help to better select the right format for the type of ad, Interactive Advertising Bureau has realized a Display Standard Ad Unit Portfolio that works as a guideline that can be followed by the creatives.

The accounts department meet with the client to define campaign goals and translate those goals into a creative brief to be forwarded to the creative department. The role of the creatives is to give a shape to an ad. They have to find the idea and the most efficient way to push the customer to buy a product or a service. Imagination and innovation are required to develop and to present an advertisement.