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Abstract: Climate change and urbanization are converging to challenge city drainage infrastructure due to their adverse impacts on precipitation extremes and the environment of urban areas. Despite development over the years, it remains a significant challenge to design an effective functioning drainage system. The conventional drainage system is mainly a single-objective oriented design with its focus on water quantity control. Today’s drainage solutions also highlight the need to embrace more deliberately the other important aspects in urban water management, such as runoff quality, visual amenity, recreational value, ecological protection and multiple water uses .

There is a growing trend towards managing water in a more sustainable way by activating its natural behaviors and process in the urban environment . Urbanization represents another essential factor influencing the quantity and quality of urban water in cities. The process of city development can not only cause a significant change in runoff patterns in terms of both peak flow volumes and speed of runoff due to its impacts on impervious surfaces , but also vulnerabilities to flood hazards due to the change in urban intensity and distribution . The main goal is to manage water volume in order to avoid urban flooding in city areas. Many researchers have raised their concerns for the long-term sustainability of traditional drainage solutions by exploring their negative impacts on urban environments . As a result of the promotion of sustainability, several major research projects have been initiated worldwide. All of these previous reviews provide valuable background on the concepts, features, objectives, techniques and tools for sustainable drainage design, with a specific focus on one of the components.

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Earlier objectives of urban drainage include provision of a convenient cleaning mechanism of wastes for public hygiene and an efficient conveyance facility for flood protection. In recent years, additional focus has been on environmental protection and the recreational benefits of urban drainage . Each criterion contains sub-indicators enabling an assessment of drainage systems with regard to its economic evaluation, functional performance, resource utilization, environmental impacts, etc. The sustainable criteria for urban drainage has become a great challenge, as this new paradigm needs to employ various disciplines of engineering and sciences to take into account all parts of the urban water cycle in management to ensure economic, social, ecological and environmental sustainability . This requires a rather complex approach beyond the traditional one with its narrow focus mainly on the physical performance of the system .

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