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I’ll be totally honest with you – traditional English studies won’t make you into a fluent English speaker! And if you’re anything like me, by now you should have arrived to the same conclusion – or else you wouldn’improve your english pronunciation pdf be reading this, right?

But what if I told you my unique multimedia speech exercising and confidence boosting English Harmony System actually does the trick and helps you start speaking fluent English in the shortest time possible? I’m not kidding you – just stay with me for a short while and you’ll understand why the English Harmony System de Luxe Edition is different from the ordinary English grammar and test books, listening CDs and workbooks. It’s everybody’s dream to speak English like a native speaker or at least to speak fluently. How can we improve our speed of speaking? Often it happens that we can’t express ourselves because we are looking for special expressions. How to say it clearly and correctly? I have found Robby Kukurs on the Internet.

His English Harmony System made me curious and I bought it. Using the English Harmony System I have learned the most commonly used phrases and word combinations. The principles applied by Robby Kukurs are well structured and ellaborated. I can highly recommend “English Harmony” as your companion on the way to fluent English!

What you’re about to read right now will surprise you, shock you, but most importantly – finally open your eyes on what’s happening in the English teaching industry! English with native speakers you’re next to useless? Then read on – my name is Robby and learning the English language has been my hobby for the last 24 years. And just like you I couldn’t figure out why my spoken English is so bad while my reading, writing and understanding were perfect!

Here’s the good news – I finally cracked the code, improved my spoken English and mastered fluent English speech thanks to finally understanding how it is possible to REALLY speak English language fluently! Until 2002 I was living in my home country – have you ever heard of Latvia? I considered myself a fairly good English speaker. I had started studying English on my own when I was around ten years old and to put it simply – I fell in love with the English language!

I was amazed at how simple the English language actually is – no difficult conjugations to learn, no genders – why wouldn’t it be possible to learn the language in a few months time? During my high school years and later on – the university – I was always among the best in the English class. But then I had an opportunity to leave my homeland and move to an English speaking country. When the plane landed and I stepped outside the airport, the cold truth instantly hit me – I couldn’t speak the English language! Back then I felt like having received a cold shower. Now I know why it was happening to me – and I know that it’s most likely a big issue for you, my friend, right? Otherwise you wouldn’t be reading my website and trying to figure out how to finally break down the mental barrier and start using the English language in real life communication rather than only read, write and listen to it!

I’ve spent more years on studying English than he’s lived in this world! But can you imagine how I felt when my daughters started speaking English better than ME having lived in Ireland for just a year? Soon after I left my country my family followed and my little daughters – they were just four at the time – joined an English-speaking school. And to my surprise in a year’s time they could speak fluent English with one tenth of my vocabulary and without knowing a single grammar rule! But I was desperate to achieve English fluency and improve my spoken English So I just kept reading English fiction – book after book – and writing down all the new words – then repeating and memorizing them.