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The tort of seduction was a civil wrong or tort in common law legal systems, and still exists in some jurisdictions. An unmarried woman could sue on the grounds of seduction to obtain damages from her seducer, if her consent to sex was based upon his misrepresentation. Initially, the tort of seduction was a remedy for a father’s property interest in laws of seduction pdf daughter’s chastity.

In the 20th century, the action was criticised as maintaining “property interests in humans”, and the tort was recast to recognize personal injury to the woman, rather than solely deprivation of a father’s property right. Historically, the seduced female could not bring a suit herself. Rather, it would be brought by her father, acting under the legal fiction that the parent-child relationship falls under the master-servant relationship. However, if the daughter was a contracted servant, a suit could not be brought by her father against her master. Property and civil rights is a provincial power in Canada, so all torts can vary by province. An Act to make the remedy for cases of seduction more effectual, and to tender the fathers of illegitimate children liable for their support, was passed in Upper Canada on March 4, 1837.

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