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Page 2: Table Of Contents CONTENTS SAFETY PRECAUTIONS 1. REMOVING AND REPLACING REFRIGERATOR DOORS DOOR . PARTS IDENTIFICATION ADJUSTABLE REFRIGERATOR SHELVING The refrigerator compartment shelves are adjustable to allow flexibility for storage needs. GALLON STORAGE BINS Three interchangeable bins can be arranged to suit your storage needs. REMOVABLE ICE STORAGE BIN The ice storage bin can be removed to fill ice buckets, coolers, or pitchers.

DISASSEMBLY 3-1 REMOVING AND REPLACING REFRIGERATOR DOORS Removing Refrigerator Door CAUTION: Before you begin, unplug the refrigerator. Remove food and bins from doors. Page 6: Door 3-2 DOOR Door Gasket Replacement 1. Insert gasket into channel Mullion Removal Press gasket into channels on the four remaining 1. Remove the plastic guide on the left side, using a follow the instructions to align them. Page 8: Lamp 3-6 LAMP 4. Unplug, or disconnect power at the circuit breaker.

If necessary, remove top shelf or shelves. Hold both ends and pull down to remove. To remove the lamp case and cover, release 2 screws as shown. Loosen 3 screws on the PWB cover.

Holding the inner side of lead wire. Remove the PCB cover is not pinched by the dispenser. Grasp the Button assembly and lift. Grasp the bottom of motor cover assembly and pull slowly. Loosen the front screw as shown in the picture. Separate the Housing of the Cap Duct Motor. Unscrew 3 screws to disassemble the motor.

Figure 66 To install the drawer back into the frame, insert the rail into the right side of the gear. Picture response time, protection Logic Blink Blink Blink Blink Blink Blink, 5V Check the Check the voltage. When refrigerator is overloaded, page 2: Table Of Contents CONTENTS SAFETY PRECAUTIONS . Page 76 11 — remove 1 screw from PCB and replace with new PCB. Page 72 11, once the tabs have been pushed in, there is a replacement indicator light for the filter cartridge on the dispenser.