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Enjoy These Free Materials From P. Browse through make changes to pdf file free than 100 pages of free printable items suitable for task creation. Interested in hosting our next Framework for Structured Teaching Workshop this July?

This is a Power Point activity to practice associations. The child must select one of three pictures that goes with the single picture shown at the top. This one is designed to give feedback to the child and moves forward only if the child is correct. This one is designed as a probe and can be used for the VB-MAPP or ABLLS to determine how many the child knows.

The slides advance regardless of the choice the child makes, regardless of correctness. PCS: Essentials: Question mark for change in schedule, “no” symbols, no hitting, don’t touch, don’t pick your nose, closed sign, wait, stop. Use “closed” symbol when an item such as TV or computer is not an available option at the time. This collection of rating scales can be used as they are or can be edited to suit your needs. It includes levels of stereotypies, productivity level, self injurious behaviors and aggressions. This is useful for simplifying data collection and quantifying behavior to prescribe specific adult responses.

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