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Please forward this error screen to 66. Follow the link for more information. A Brumby is a free-roaming feral horse in Australia. Although found in many areas around man environment interaction pdf country, the best-known Brumbies are found in the Australian Alps region.

Today they live in many places, including some National Parks. The term Brumby refers to a feral horse in Australia. Its first recorded use in print is in the Australasian magazine from Melbourne in 1880, which said that Brumbies were the bush name in Queensland for ‘wild’ horses. Horses left behind by Sergeant James Brumby from his property at Mulgrave Place in New South Wales, when he left for Tasmania in 1804. An Aboriginal word baroomby meaning “wild” in the language of the Pitjara Indigenous Australians on the Warrego and Nogoa Rivers in southern Queensland.

A letter in 1896 to the Sydney Morning Herald says that baroombie is the word for horse among the Aboriginal people of the Balonne, Nebine, Warrego and Bulloo Rivers. Baramba, which was the name of a creek and station in the Queensland district of Burnett, established in the 1840s and later abandoned, leaving many of the horses to escape into the wild. It has also been suggested that the name derives from the Irish word bromach or bromaigh. Horses first arrived in Australia in 1788 with the First Fleet. By 1800, only about 200 horses are thought to have reached Australia.

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Black-and-white photo of a well-groomed Brumby standing sideways to the camera, wearing a Barcoo bridle but no saddle, set up in a squared-up conformation stance, as if at a horse show. A Brumby that was caught in the Apsley River Gorge. Horses were likely confined primarily to the Sydney region until the early 19th century, when settlers first crossed the Blue Mountains and opened expansion inland. Horses were required for travel, and for cattle and sheep droving as the pastoral industry grew. Currently, Australia has at least 400,000 horses roaming the continent. It is also estimated that, during non-drought periods, the feral horse population increases at a rate of 20 percent per year.

Drought conditions and brushfires are natural threats. Brumbies roaming in the Australian Alps of south-eastern Australia are thought to be descendants of horses which were owned by the pastoralist and pioneer, Benjamin Boyd. Pangare Ponies’, as they appear to carry the rare Pangaré gene. The Pangaré Brumbies appear to have adapted well to their coastal environment, where they are consuming saltbush, which they do not appear to be damaging.

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