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Sinopsis: Aline y Valcour son dos jóvenes que se aman apasionadamente. Pero el padre de Aline, el conde de Blamont, es un déspota sin escrúpulos al que ni la amistad, ni siquiera la familia, frenan en sus bestiales apetitos sexuales, llegando, incluso, a mezclar a sus hijas en sus morbosos deseos. Orgullo y prejuicio de Jane Austen Rating: 4. Divergente de Veronica Roth Rating: 4. El testamento de Nilia de Fernando Trujillo Sanz Rating: 4.

Cien años de soledad de Gabriel García Márquez Rating: 4. Tomo 1: el testamento del gris de Fernando Trujillo Sanz Rating: 4. El castillo en el aire de Diana Wynne Jones Rating: 4. Introduce tu correo electrónico para suscribirte a la web y recibir notificaciones de nuevos libros publicados. French nobleman, revolutionary politician, philosopher, and writer, famous for his libertine sexuality. There continues to be a fascination with Sade amongst scholars and in popular culture, prolific French intellectuals such as Roland Barthes, Jacques Lacan, Jacques Derrida and Michel Foucault have published studies of him.

Later in his childhood, Sade was sent to the Lycée Louis-le-Grand in Paris, a Jesuit college, for four years. While at the school, he was tutored by Abbé Jacques-François Amblet, a priest. After 20 months of training, on 14 December 1755, at age 15, Sade was commissioned as a sub-lieutenant, becoming a soldier. After 13 months as a sub-lieutenant, he was commissioned to the rank of cornet in the Brigade de S.

André of the Comte de Provence’s Carbine Regiment. For many years, Sade’s descendants regarded his life and work as a scandal to be suppressed. This did not change until the mid-twentieth century, when the Comte Xavier de Sade reclaimed the marquis title, long fallen into disuse, on his visiting cards, and took an interest in his ancestor’s writings. Sade lived a scandalous libertine existence and repeatedly procured young prostitutes as well as employees of both sexes in his castle in Lacoste.

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