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Please forward this error screen to 85. Pavlovich and the family name is Chekhov. Russian playwright and short-story writer, who is considered to be among the greatest maxim gorky short stories pdf of short fiction in history. His career as a playwright produced four classics, and his best short stories are held in high esteem by writers and critics.

Chekhov had at first written stories only for financial gain, but as his artistic ambition grew, he made formal innovations which have influenced the evolution of the modern short story. He made no apologies for the difficulties this posed to readers, insisting that the role of an artist was to ask questions, not to answer them. The Taganrog Boys Gymnasium in the late 19th century. Anton Chekhov was born on the feast day of St. When my brothers and I used to stand in the middle of the church and sing the trio “May my prayer be exalted”, or “The Archangel’s Voice”, everyone looked at us with emotion and envied our parents, but we at that moment felt like little convicts. In 1876, Chekhov’s father was declared bankrupt after overextending his finances building a new house, having been cheated by a contractor called Mironov. Chekhov remained in Taganrog for three more years, boarding with a man called Selivanov who, like Lopakhin in The Cherry Orchard, had bailed out the family for the price of their house.

In 1879, Chekhov completed his schooling and joined his family in Moscow, having gained admission to the medical school at I. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University. Chekhov now assumed responsibility for the whole family. In 1884, Chekhov qualified as a physician, which he considered his principal profession though he made little money from it and treated the poor free of charge. In 1884 and 1885, Chekhov found himself coughing blood, and in 1886 the attacks worsened, but he would not admit his tuberculosis to his family or his friends. He confessed to Leykin, “I am afraid to submit myself to be sounded by my colleagues. Early in 1886 he was invited to write for one of the most popular papers in St.

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Before long, Chekhov was attracting literary as well as popular attention. The sixty-four-year-old Dmitry Grigorovich, a celebrated Russian writer of the day, wrote to Chekhov after reading his short story “The Huntsman” that “You have real talent, a talent that places you in the front rank among writers in the new generation. In 1887, exhausted from overwork and ill health, Chekhov took a trip to Ukraine, which reawakened him to the beauty of the steppe. In autumn 1887, a theatre manager named Korsh commissioned Chekhov to write a play, the result being Ivanov, written in a fortnight and produced that November.

This philosophy of approaching the art of acting has stood not only steadfast, but as the cornerstone of acting for much of the 20th century to this day. Mikhail Chekhov considered Ivanov a key moment in his brother’s intellectual development and literary career. Remove everything that has no relevance to the story. If you say in the first chapter that there is a rifle hanging on the wall, in the second or third chapter it absolutely must go off.