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Just wanted to let fellow vacationers to Mexico know about this option. I travel to Mexico usually a couple of times a year. I have been reading more reports recently on Trip Advisor of both Canadian and Mexico airlines either running out or not having the immigration and custom forms for Mexico at all, on the mexico fmm form pdf down- and I have experienced this myself on a couple of flights in recent years.

Of course they have them just inside to hand out, but I figured if my flight lands and we are armed with them already, we can bypass all those standing there frantically filling them out-maybe. You fill it out, register it, and print off your copy. You must be within 30 days of travel to use this method. The system also e-mail you with the link. My travel partner and myself both did this on our trip 2 weeks ago to CUN airport and everything went seamlessly. The agent had obviously seen them before and didn’t bat an eye. February, and we flew through customs at JFK, almost without breaking stride.

We used that for our trip down this last weekend, and had no issues. I was sure to crease the form well so they had no issues tearing off the exit form. Thank you for sharing the info. I really wish I were able to use these or that they’d been available back when I could have. I do my FMM at the airport INM office when I’m leaving Mexico. I can think of no convincing reason for airlines to run out of these, but it’s clear they do.

I’ve saved the link to give to friends and family. We can thank the regulars on the TA Puerto Vallarta forum, as that is where I read about it. My wife and I have Global Entry in the US. Does Mexico have a similar program for frequent, non resident visitors? Yes, it is only for those that use an FMM or Mexican citizens. It is not for Residentes Temporal or Permanente. What are the requirements for U.