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Please forward this error screen to 50. Obama’s birth certificate Nothing defines the birther movement more than controversy over Barack Obama’s birth certificate. Birthers demand that Obama release his birth certificate, when in fact he michelle obama biography pdf already, back in June of 2008.

The location of birth is a clerical error. The location of birth is really the location of registration. Hawaii allows registration of any child in Hawaii over one year old as being born in Hawaii. Hawaii allows residents to register foreign-born children as being born in Hawaii.

A Certification of Live Birth is not a birth certificate. There were no laser printers when Obama was born in 1961. Hawaii Act 96 allows for a birth certificate to be issued for someone born out of state. Sun Yat-Sen the first President of China has a Hawaiian birth certificate and he was born in China so this proves anybody can get a Hawaiian birth certificate.

The Department of Hawaii Homelands declared that the short-form birth certificate was not sufficient evidence and also that such a certificate is not proof of birth in Hawaii. Obama’s mother didn’t live at the address listed on the birth certificate. Obama’s birth registration was created by his grandparents, and not by a physician. The attending physician was David A Sinclair, MD.

Obama’s birth certificate lacks the state seal and here. Obama’s birth certificate lacks an official’s signature. Obama’s birth certificate lacks a certificate number. Image recovery techniques prove the certificate number is missing in original scanned images. Obama’s birth certificate was invalidated when the certificate number was covered. The certificate number proves Obama was not born in a hospital.

Obama’s birth certificate has the wrong certificate number. Obama’s birth certificate has the wrong registration date. Obama’s birth certificate is a forgery. Barack Obama has a Canadian birth certificate.

The Hawaii elections clerk Tim Adams verified that Obama has no long-form birth certificate. Obama’s refusal to release his long form birth certificate proves he has something to hide. There are multiple versions of Obama’s 2011 PDF certificate file. OCR does not explain the layers in Obama’s birth certificate. Obama’s birth certificate has too many one-bit layers. The raised seal on Obama’s 2007 Certification of Live Birth is debossed instead of embossed. Obama’s long form has curved text but the background is not curved.

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The letters on Obama’s long form are not all the same shape, suggesting a composite image from multiple typewriters. Some letters on Obama’s long form are curved less than the surrounding text. The long form says Obama’s father was born in Kenya, East Africa. Kenya didn’t exist until 3 years later.

Obama attorney Alexandra Hill admitted Obama’s birth certificate is fake. Penciled data entry codes are inconsistent with written values. A professional law-enforcement investigation of Obama’s birth certificate in Arizona proved the document a fake. Obama’s birth certificate is too small.