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No original, motor vehicle act 1988 pdf or replacement of a registration certificate, registration plate or permit for a motor vehicle will be issued unless the owner or operator of the motor vehicle provides with the application evidence of a policy of insurance. Registrar upon transfer of the vehicle.

When two registration plates are issued for a motor vehicle, they must be displayed with one in the front and the other in the rear of the vehicle. Motorcycle, trailers, antique, seasonal, the registration plate must be attached on the rear of the vehicle with the only exception being when one plate is issued for a truck tractor, it must be attached to the front of the vehicle. Transfer of ownership is by process of law. The signature of the registered owner is required on the certificate of registration. The purchaser’s name, address and date of birth are required on the transfer document. The purchaser must surrender the registration certificate and have the vehicle transferred into their name at any issuing office. If the purchaser can not be present, they must provide written authorization to have someone act on their behalf.

Registrations for passenger type vehicles and light commercial vehicles are staggered and expire on various days during the month. Plates for large commercial vehicles expire on the last day of any month. Commercial prorate plates are staggered and expire on the last day of a month. Off-Road vehicle plates expire December 31st.

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