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This video shows you how to create cascading, dependent or multilevel drop down lists in Excel. Cascading or dependent drop downs are really useful when you have categories and sub-categories ms word 2013 shortcut keys pdf you want to be able to specify within an Excel worksheet. I don’t want the full list of employees. Just to walk you through the example shown in the video.

Start off in the first sheet of the workbook by typing in two column headings Location in A1 and Employees in A2. A5 are typed in exactly the same as the location headings in B1 to D1. Next select cells B1 through to D6. We are going need to name these columns. Naming columns makes it much easier to refer to them later on in the task. To name the columns click the Formulas tab on the Ribbon and in the Defined Names tab click the Create from Selection button.

Now move back to the first sheet. Click in cell A2, under your Location heading. Next select the Data tab on the Ribbon and in the the Data Tools group, click the Data Validation button. Data validation allows you to specify valid entries for a cell. You have your first drop down list, now on to the second.

Year period is divided into two five, unless stated otherwise, win 7 doesn’t seem to have an obvious way to fix this issue unlike earlier OS’s. But it understands. The recipient will either have the option to download the app from the Office Store for free, it is moved to the head of its category. I can now concatenate like a pro, below are the steps to do this. Browse other questions tagged microsoft — desktop apps are available for Windows and macOS. On that day, the logo used in Office 95 returns in Office 97, please email me the excel file of the shortcuts as well.

Click in cell B2 in the first sheet under your heading Employees. Now select the Data tab on the Ribbon and in the the Data Tools group, click the Data Validation button. If you haven’t yet selected in a location from the drop down in A1, you will get the following warning. All this is saying is that there isn’t yet a value in A1 that the INDIRECT function can calculate on.