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I am unable to log multimedia in computer networks pdf to the course, although I am using the correct username and password. When I try to access interactive components on the course website, such as the discussion boards, I receive an error message from Internet Explorer, or I cannot enter anything into a posting window. Pop-up windows on the course site do not work or I cannot print my CE certificate. I cannot enter or paste my submission into the Discussion Board posting windows after preparing it in a word processing program.

I was able to log in to my course previously, but I am no longer able to. I don’t have my confirmation code which I need to obtain my Username and Password from the registration site. When I click on a multimedia link, there is no sound from my computer, although the multimedia seems to be playing. I cannot log on to the course with my PC or Mac computer, or remain logged on with my Mac.

When I try to access an Adobe PDF document, I cannot view or download it, or I am asked for a password. I am using a Mac with the Safari browser and I am having difficulties accessing all the features of the course. I can log into my course but minutes later I get the “401 Unauthorized” error. We are finding that consumer-grade wireless routers can block the multimedia presentations or cause playback problems. Please try to connect to the Internet without using wireless. If that resolves your problem, then the router was causing your difficulties.

Some of our multimedia courses require the Flash Player, which can be installed as a plug-in available for all common browsers from www. The Flash multimedia may be played on all computers and on many pads and smartphones. They will not play the multimedia natively. This browser will operate very similarly to the Safari Browser, except that it will play Flash presentations.

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