Nikon coolpix s9100 user manual pdf

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Please nikon coolpix s9100 user manual pdf this error screen to 108. Please forward this error screen to 108.

Movie recording may stop unexpectedly when memory cards with a lower Speed Class ratings are used. Movie recording continues while tile still irrmge is being saved. 2 of normal playback speed, or played back in fast motion at a speed two times faster than normal speed. HS movie options Tile camera focuses at the center of tile frame. Focus areas are not displayed during recording. Movie recording begins after the monitor briefly turrls off. When tile Open with HS footage checkbox in tile recording.

Portions recorded _r slow motion or _st motion playback are not recorded with sound. When recording HS movies, vibration reduction cannot be used. Page 8 Changing Movie Recording Settings Tile following options carl be adjusted from tile movie menu. Movie options Select the desired movie option to record. The movie menu items can be selected.

Movie options Select the options for recording movies. Larger image sizes and faster movie bitrates mean greater image quality and larger movie file sizes. 4-speed slow motion movies with a 4:3 aspect ratio are recorded. Page 13 Electronic When the camera is configured in the Movie options screen to record normal speed movies, select whether the camera uses electronic vibration reduction.

Rotate the zoom control to T or W to adjust playback Pausing volume. Page 17 Connect the camera to a television to play images or movies back on the television. Connect the camera to the TV. Page 18 Tune the television to the video channel. See the documentation provided with your television for details. Monitor display returns to the screen shown in step 1 when printing is complete.

IiI EASYEasy Choose panorama and press the button. Turn camera off — page 47 Changing Album Icons Tile design of the album icons carl be changed. Contact your retailer or Nikon, press the MENU button to set HDR to On or Off according to the shooting conditions and subject. With continuous shooting, a new folder will be created. Load the specified paper, only the file names of the images are added to the album.