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This instructable is a simple introduction into the art of folding and cutting paper to make 3D shapes known as Origamic Architecture or Kirigami. A sheet of dark paper as notice rubik’s cube 3×3 pdf for contrast to enhance the finished project, of the same shape and size of the above.

A second printout on paper of the template for reference when working of the reverse side of the printout. After you print the template you will notice that there are 3 types of lines, solid, dotted and dashed. Solid lines should be cut all the way through the paper. Kirigami, as in many other art forms, requires precision and patience. The more you invest in cutting your work, the better the results will be. Start by affixing your printed template by the corners on the cutting board using the tape. If you use regular scotch tape, remove some of the stickiness by wiping it repeatedly with your fingers or on some plush fabric.

Starting in a systematic and orderly fashion, using the ruler as a guide, cut with the x-acto knife all the uninterrupted solid lines. Cut from beginning to end of each line, without pause, with a firm continuous stroke, keeping the knife perpendicular, as any hesitation or interruption will show in the finished piece. Since this particular project doesn’t have any solid horizontal lines, you are now finished with this step. However in any other designs that do have them, you would then proceed to do all the horizontal lines from top to bottom.

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