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By clicking on Subscribe, I agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. Where can I find song sheets? What if my song sheets are not in pure text files? Giftware program that can transpose song sheets containing chords and lyrics from one key to any other.

You can find many free sources of song sheets in both formats on the Internet. Some sources of song sheets are listed at the end of this document. Java programming language and will run on any operating system that has Java 1. It runs in Microsoft Windows, Macintosh OS and Linux. If you play a chordal instrument such as guitar, piano, etc. A song sheet is a text file that has the chords and lyrics of a song. Sometimes they are called “fake sheets” or “lead sheets”.

Two Line Style Song Sheets The first style, which for want of a better name I call “two-line” style, is easiest for humans to read. In two-line style, the chords are above the words where the chord changes are to be made. The files must be text-only files without tabs–no HTML, no Word files, etc. But see below in the section “What if my song sheets are not in pure text files”. Harmonica Tab Song Sheets Harmonica players use a two-line format to describe how to play a song using the harmonica. The first line of a pair has numbers representing which hole to use and other characters to represent whether to blow,or draw, or bend the note.

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