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Sign up for news from City Hall to keep in touch with everything that is going on in City government. Select a common complaint from the dropdown, or search NYC311 for your specific paper cup making machine project report pdf. Check the status of an existing NYC311 Service Request You can check the status of your Service Request using your confirmation number.

Most confirmation numbers begin with C1-1 and you should enter them using the format C1-1-XXXXXXXXX. If your confirmation number does not begin with C1-1, enter it without spaces or dashes. No, once you submit your Service Request, you cannot change or cancel it. You can submit a new Service Request with updated or corrected information. What if I get a Service Request Not Found message? It may take several hours for your status to be available.

If you cannot get your status online, call 311. What if I am not satisfied with my Service Request status or the agency’s response? You can contact the agency directly through their website. Go to the Agencies list under NYC Resources to find links to agency websites.

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You can also submit another Service Request. Select a payment from the dropdown. Free, full-day, high-quality pre-K, where teachers are igniting learning in our children. When it comes to fire safety, the message is the same in every language – CLOSE THE DOOR.