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Macro tags can be used to change output file names to contain values such as the date and time of a print job. Php all tags pdf can also be used in watermark text and other properties for the job. Below you will find a description of each of the supported macros. The current time in the format hh.

The value of this macro tag represents the number of 100-nanosecond intervals that have elapsed since 12:00:00 midnight, January 1, 0001. The current time in UTC format. Only available in professional and expert editions. The current time in a user specific format. Returns the number 1 through 4 of the current quarter. This is the title as it appears in the print queue.

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It is the application that creates the print job that determines the title of the print job. Sometimes it is related to a file name of a document that is printed. With this tag the title is stripped from its file extension and some well known strings are removed from the title. Microsoft Office programs creates print job titles such as “Microsoft Word – My Document.

The smarttitle for that name would only contain the “My Document” text. This value is specified by the program creating the print job. The document name stems from the print job created by the printing application. Base part of the document name. This macro gives you the part of document name up to the last dot. If the document name is a file name then the resulting value is the file name without an extension.